Ponzi Ponzi

Buy early, HODL, get rich.

Ponzi Ponzi is a crypto currency on the Ethereum chain (mainnet) that rewards its holders with additional tokens. By simply hodling the PONZI coin, users can earn more tokens over time. This unique feature makes Ponzi Ponzi an attractive investment option for crypto enthusiasts. The concept behind this crypto currency is similar to the famous Ponzi scheme, where early investors receive profits from the investments of later participants. However, in the case of Ponzi Ponzi, the rewards are generated through trading volume rather than relying on new investors' funds. This system ensures a sustainable and fair distribution of tokens, creating a sense of trust and stability within the Ponzi Ponzi community. With its promising potential for growth and the opportunity to earn passive income, Ponzi Ponzi stands out as a promising addition to the crypto market.

Contract address: 0x701b7b99f93f81fcb1faaf8e29ddec9fafb7b402

PONZI Buy & Sell Tax


Added automatically to the LP


Distributed to all HODLers